winter vs. spring – what’s next.

What a great feeling is it to recognize that days are getting longer, that the sun is getting warmer and that spring will eventually arrive. But, we are not there yet!

As I am currently on a short skiing trip I cannot complain about the winter. We have plenty of snow, it is cold enough and I am pretty sure that we will have a really good time here. I will keep you posted.

But, I made one mistake … I spent three days in Barcelona, Spain where it was 16 degree celsius warm, the sun was shining, the city became alive … which is a massive contrast to what I experienced during winter. I can feel it: I am ready for spring. So I am really looking forward to March. I will visit SxSW Interactive for the first time ever and will meet amazing people in the south of France.

SxSW [south by south-west] is a creative festival with a focus on interactive, film and music. I hope to meet a lot of interesting people and be part of inspiring sessions. Best tips for the trip where posted by Rene from N+H on their blog “Why SXSW 2013 won’t be like SXSW 2012 – 10 lessons I’ve learned “. If you will be there … let me know!

And of course in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty I have to go to France, too. I also decided to spent my early summer vacation there. We planned to stay in Paris for a couple of days and continue to the Atlantic coast. As I have read Heike’s post in here German travel/ photo blog “koelnformat“, I had to go there one day: Poitou-Charentes.



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