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“Where’s the publishers’ blue-sky thinking?”

Consuming and creating content is what happens in the social web all the time. Every new gadget will help us to consume or create more content more easily in less time. This leads to a massive quantity of posts, stories, photos, videos, advertising … which makes my daily browse through the digital jungle more stressful.

It feels like it is getting more and more and more, but quantity of content only matters in certain cases. In regions of this world, where freedom of speech or other human rights are not established as they should be, blogs and social platforms give people a voice and even more important and audience for their matters. Only if they reach a critical mass it can become a movement and give therefore value to their society.

What about quality – in regards to content. It might be the basis of some brands and other digital publishing models. But as can be seen in the “old” print business even with quality the German economy newspaper FTD was shut down in 2012. Quality without reach and an attractive audience will not be able to survive in the current digital world, as advertisers rely on consumer targeting – except you add another value to it.

# Adding new layers to the content

Even though the quality of some facebook posts and tweets might be interesting, the current experience is not. It is a pain to find relevant content and it will never drive you to something really new and mind opening. I am tired of this inefficient and by now uninspiering consume of content.

# What needs to change? – My surfing habits.

I have read an interesting blog post back in 2011 from Oliver Reichenstein‘s iA blog – the guys who made the simple writer, which I am currently using. It is about the experience you add to the content. While quality and quantity are two basic layers, the experience is what engages you. In the end you might even pay for it. He compares it to airlines and their Economy & Business Class model, where you have the same basic value – flying from A to B – but have a different experience worth spending three times the money.

# Finding the experience and content for you

So I focused on quality and topical fit of the content as well as the experience. This brought me to a list of blogs, websites and even a paid subscription for an iPad App from German weekly DIE ZEIT. And guess what … I am happy. The list is not complete yet. And I decided to start blogging “again” because I wanted to deliver this combination of experience and content one day. Currently I just wish that more of my favorite magazines and even more regional content would be digital available and of this quality and experience like DIE ZEIT on my iPad mini.

# What I care about is … just one personal taste

Are there stereo types or clusters of consumers that are affected by explicit experiences and designs? It might be a value for person A but not enough to pay for person B. It might even correlate with the quality level of the content. Is there any research done by anyone? Would be interesting to get to know people who are into this.

But enough for now. Maybe the whole digital publishing industry is more linked to flight business than I thought before. Tyler Brulé “The most critical problem facing Europe’s main [airline] carriers is the lack of innovation in terms of what they offer”


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  1. Arild sagt:

    Yeah mate – way too much interesting content to consume! If I only read all the car stuff id woluld like to, my day would over. And YT is not even included yet to get informed on whatever. Only way too handle this a little is cutting tv-time to nearly zero.
    keep on! a.

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