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This week’s video round up – my top 3 #eoft – #lipsync – #historyofrap

There is this one week, where you don’t have the time to browse youtube. Just because you are too busy. And what happens? Cool and funny stuff all over the place. Here are my three favorite videos from the last days.

#1 European Outdoor Film Tour 2016 – Trailer

As you have read in this blog, I love outdoor films and it would be one of the cooles adventures to be part of an outdoor movie production one day. The guys from the European Outdoor Film Tour bring together an annual collection of well selected outdoor movies. Watch this year’s trailer and check out if they are screening it in your neighbourhood:

#2 Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon’s “History of Rap”

Nothing to add: The latest version of Justin & Jimmy performing classic rap songs. This time including Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s ‘Let’s talk about sex’ and another early 90s hit ‘Informer’.

#3 Ellen DeGeneres – LipSyncing Queen!

There are amazing lip syncing video’s out there. My two favorite are: The Rock vs. Jimmy Fallon with almost 20 million views and Pauld Rudd performing as Freddy Mercury with 27 million views. As you can see it is all about your song selection. Check out how Ellen performs.

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