This is where I wanna work

Lucky enough I was able to travel to Sunnyvale, California mid November 2013 as Mercedes-Benz was opening a new Research and Development Center (MBRDNA) in Silicon Valley. Previously they have been in Palo Alto just next door. As I am quite interested in good design and especially a seamless user experience, I was thrilled to see what my colleagues are creating there.

Ambrose & Marat from shot a short video. Watch it and get an impression what is done there.

Why is this so exciting? It’s just an office space!

I think it’s the place in San Francisco Bay Area, where so many tech companies are, where start-up culture is celebrated and it is what you might call ‘momentum’. Bringing the digital world in context with the real and traditional world … that is it. Don’t do technology, just for its own sake. Make something with technology, that makes life easier where you almost don’t remember that technology is involved.

‘We look into how one of the world’s oldest car brands is using Google Glass, Pebble smartwatches, and Nest thermostats to make its vehicles smarter.’

Read Tim Stevens‘ full article at CNET.

My professional background is communications and digital media. User experience for the future Mercedes-Benz vehicles … why not.


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