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The guy who made me add push-ups to my monthly goals – #MayWeRun

If you are not into fitness apps you might need to google Florian Gschwandtner. He is one of the founders and CEO of runtastic, the running app company, that got aquierred by adidas in summer of 2015 for rumoured 220 Mio Euro. He is not yet part of the #MayWeRun challenge, but his performence lead to broadening my view from just running to push-ups, pull-ups and more.

Back in 2014 I bumped into Flo during SXSW in Austin, Texas. We were hanging out with some mutual friends from RedBull and had quite a good time. He spoke at the event in front of hundreds of people. His self branding was great: He was the other “crazy Austrian” – besides Arnie – being obsessed with sports and fitness. He was challenging the audience to do some sports with him on stage during the talk. It was hilarious and his keynote was on point.

End of October of last year he posted a video on his private facebook channel: Challenging his fans to do more than 100 push-ups. At that time, I could do 20 to 25 push-ups in a row, but not more.

I was running for 18 months straight (#ww80k), but never managed to do any bodyweight training. So I downloaded the runtastic fitness pack app bundle and added more sports to my routine. Unfortunately I had a slight shoulder injury, so I could not continue for most of winter, but I picked it up again in April this year and am feeling great after 700 pull-ups last month.

Why am I writing about this? Because in spring 2015 I was not able to run 80 kilometers in a month. Because I did not have the disciplin to go running on a regular basis. In April 2017 I ran 173 km including a sponatnious half marathon distance during a layover in Vienna in 1:44.01.

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The cool thing is, that with some disciplin and persistance you can get better and achieve goals, you never thought were reachable. When 100 pull-ups per month sound a lot to you, that might be true, but it’s just 3 pull ups a day.

Another example: I like cycling, but forget to take the time to jump on my bike. With setting a monthly goal, I remind myself of doing so. I track that with Strava, by the way.

Long story short: Flo showed me that I can do more sports and get better. My social peers challenge me and support me so I can reach my goals. This is why I started #MayWeRun a casual social media fitness challenge.

Start today and join me. It’s going to be fun and an extra rewarding month.

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