So spring finally came

Sorry for not writing anything at all on this blog.
A lot of things kept me busy and I know this is not an apology. So let’s get back on track …

SxSW experience

Since my last post from Barcelona a lot of stuff happened. I went to SxSW in Austin, Texas. Which was not, what I was expecting. I met a lot of nice people, had fantastic barbecue :-), but was missing the big news. Some brands did great stuff like the Google playground or the Samsung Galaxy venue. Watch the talking shoe in case you have missed it.

Others were just selling their sh*t. Lot’s of “useful” Social Media products and consultancy … not. What else: Lot’s of burgers. New foursquare checkin high score. More people. Tacos for breakfast. More music. Some fun night out.

But it made me feel like this conference and its image were bigger than the actual relevance to me. I enjoyed listening to Elon Musk (wiki) in his talk on stage. As he did some great stuff with his companies and still is pushing it to the limits. Space ships, electric cars, paperless paying on the internet … hey these are/were BIG ideas! So watch a short video below. Talking about his goal to go to Mars.

So would I go there again? Not within the next years, at least if the concept stays like this. I am now looking for smaller conferences, where you can feel a spirit to change the game or even just to create something new. If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment.

Traveling to South of France

Next on my list was South of France to make sure to get some spring sun. (BTW: I guess it must have been the only two days in the last decades, that it was raining in Austin, TX in March :-(). Sun in St. Tropez was the deal and I met some amazing and capable people. One of them was Bradley Hasemeyer who captured his journey in this vimeo video.

LAX CDG MAR CLA from Gear Patrol on Vimeo.

That’s it for now.

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