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Shiny blogs – back to blogging

When you think, there is nothing going on online, no more change, just the same stuff everywhere, no unique content, no real opinions, nothing inspiring … what can happen? A surprise. Suddenly everyone is back and announces to fill in exactly this gap. Yeah!

Don’t expect me to do that on this site. I have hundreds of ideas, but just one life. 😉 So I will continue blogging, but I will always pay more attention to my non-virutal life.

There are three blogs/digital publications I want to mention. Firstly it’s @roitsch and his blog better taste than sorry who just decided to go back to blogging. The site has a new layout and if you love not only sandwiches and good food but are also excited about design and good products you should follow this young man.

Secondly Mr. Becker one of the founders of famous car culture magazine chromjuwelen, who announced to leave tumblr and come back to his blog to talk more about publishing and branding, is back. He also wants to redo chromjuwelen to make it ready for 2015.

Last publication is where Caro and Clemens run a fantastic cultural, artsy and inspirational magazine based in Berlin. Go check it out yourself and don’t miss the video from Marcus and Nico about their trip from Houston to Detroit, which they created not only for iGNANTtravel but also for their new online magazine, starting in March 2014 ABOUTNOW.

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