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Shanghai gallery – a city tour

We didn’t have much free time in Shanghai, but we managed to organize it as good as possible. David knew some spots where friends have already been. So this was our starting list which we gave to the hotel’s concierge, who adapted it in the right order and added some nice locations to it. I took a photo which is also in the gallery below. Unfortunately there was no sight seeing at all. We just went to a few selected shops and markets.

So what were the highlights?

Since my last visit in 2006 a lot of new shopping districts have been build. They are huge and they cover all the global and western brands; From Gucci to Apple to GAP. So I was not too thrilled about our first attempt to find some coole stores in Shanghai. We stopped over at a fashion market, but none of us was really into getting a tailored suite, as we were leaving 18 hours later. Visiting ‘Salon by Surrender’ was impressive but rather pricy. It is a high quality and unique fashion store insight the luxury Twelve at Hengshan Hotel. The guys at know more about fashion & style so read what they say here.

Suite & Tie for Mr. W

Ju Lu Road was really fun. A lot of unique small stores with exciting people. I just feature a few photos from there as we did not have enough time. If you are there, visit the guys at JUICE. They have an interesting sneaker/street fashion portfolio.

Juice store at Julu Road

Make sure to watch the video and enjoy the gallery. Comments welcome.


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