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#RunThatJune – Let’s start a proper social media fitness challenge

New month, new challenge. After a great challenge in May we team up to make June an even sportier month. I personally reached my running goals (141/120) as well as cycling (89/80) and swimming (2.4/2). There is room for improvement re push-ups & pull-ups though. So let’s improve that in June. See our goals below and follow us at #RunThatJune

This challenge shall help us to leave our comfort zone and get fitter. Not the one with the most push-ups or running 500k is the winner. Everyone who reached more than he/she expected is a winner.

So here are the new goals. Some of us will need a few more days, to update them …

Name Run Cycle Swim Push-Ups Sit-Ups Pull-Ups Other
Florian Roser 100 1500 1500 find a gym
Florian Junk 100 200 8 8x workouts
Nina Chydenius
Matt Askari
Ramzi Maamer
David Menzel
Seb Claudet
Martin Steinlehner
Robin Pflüger 80 2500 4000 x 6x gym
Teymur Madjderey 104 100k rowing.
1200 Deadlifts.
1200 Kettlebell
Axel Griesinger
Christopher Otto
Markus Reuter
Ronan Glon
Dani Döge
Julian Bossert 120 1000 500 5x gym
Wolfgang Würth 140 100 4 800 1000 140 400 burpees
Hannes Hauser 50 500 500 find a gym
Simon Roser 50 600 600 2000 steps (running)
Marc van de Meer 800
Willem Spelten 100 100 200k hiking

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