Roast Beef, Gin & Nice People

Apply for a ticket for a secret dinner in an underground location on facebook. Get it. Bring your best friend. Have fun. This is what happened to me last spring.

I love food and I enjoy the concept of underground dining, where you get an exciting menu with seasonable vegetables and meet new people. A friend of mine is running such events here in my area, but I never attended one. Timing was always wrong. But this time another crew – supporting a gin brand with an event promotion concept – were in town: Kitchen Guerilla x Hendricks Gin.

Drinks for the night

It all began with a facebook posting by roitsch from ‘better taste than sorry’ that he would attend a special event in Cologne, Germany. He knows about my obsession for good food as we often joke about going to NOMA in Copenhagen one day. He sent me a note and I applied on Facebook … and never heard back till two days before the event. Last minute I got a spot plus one.

So how do you go to a gin party?

We decided to use car2go electric drive to get there and mytaxi to return, which turned out to be the perfect combination for that night.

Dinner time

The crew got started straight away: classic gin tonic with a slice of lime. They created a special long drink for every single course of the meal. Which was perfect. You also got to taste/smell the ingredients which are in Hendrick’s Gin as they where provided on every table. Olafdeharde and his team from Kitchen Guerilla started with salmon tartare, followed by an amazing roast beef with beta carrots and a very tasty desert (see gallery below).

16 years of vegetarian’s life – vanished

But such events are not only about food and drinks it is mostly about the people. We sat down at a table with strangers. Small talk. Good small talk. One or the other gin tonic seem to work. 🙂 So we found out that we grew up close to each other without any friends in common. As the roast beef arrived it gained some special momentum: She – a vegetarian for 16 years – decided to taste some of the slow cooked beef. I am not sure if Olaf talked her into that, but she liked and so did we. Also at our table: Hendrik (about 45 years old), who came with his twenty something year old girlfriend, which turned out to be his real daughter. Ups.

Young Greek vegetarian, Olaf, Hendrik

Video: Desert + Drink

I shot a short video about the ‘Dutches of Roses’ which was the final drink created and explained by Joscha Henningsen and came along with a lemon almond parfait (German only).

Music: From Dazz & Keko “Wordplay” from Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape “Orange Distortion”

Comments are welcome and think about getting a gin tonic for New Year’s Eve.

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