Being on the road home

Ready to meet the #MBPolarSun crew

A quick update on our road trip #MBPolarSun. We drove to Kitzbühel to meet with all the colleagues and technical support. Thanks to everyone involved so far. Everything is prepared and we are ready to start the official program today in Munich. We will spend quite some time driving in the new GLE Coupé and go off-roading this afternoon with the new GLE.

Some #GLE Coupés waiting for a test drive tomorrow #MBPolarSun #mbcar @mercedesbenz

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

Teymur brought his longboard, which I had to try directly in one of our garages in Stuttgart. 🙂 I have not edited a video yet. There was just too much to do yesterday. So daily vlogging will have to wait. Also couldn’t decide wether to do it in English (for all my international friends) or in German (which would be more natural I assume).

Mr. Selfiestick @wwuerth in preparation for #mbpolarsun

Ein von Teymur Madjderey (@teymur) gepostetes Foto am

We will meet the other participants today in Munich. So let’s role.


PS: A first time-lapse video from last night.

So great to be in the Alpes for the start of #mbpolarsun. #timelapse from last #night in #kitzbuehel

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Video am

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