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Power to creators – Vimeo on demand subscriptions

Ideas and technologies that disrupt existing business and industries make this current era of digitalization so exciting. Tools and devices enable people to reach the general public or specific audiences with their ideas and concerns. They can raise awareness for almost anything. This can have a life changing impact as seen in countries where people speak up and fight against suppressing regimes. Another shift of power happened in the media business.

Digitalization also changed the world’s whole media, publishing and broadcasting business. Everyone can share a video on YouTube and spread it via other social networks. Since Periscope and Meerkat arrived this spring, everyone with these apps can video broadcast live to a relevant audience. People on Twitter have been news reporters for the last years, sharing first pictures and info from “the scene of the crime”.

None of this above enabled users to earn any money. Despite some – relatively small – add revenue on YouTube.

Vimeo, my favorite video platform when it comes to cinematic visuals and storytelling, introduced an “on demand” service quite a while ago, where creators can rent out or sell their content on demand. This is great if you have one great film you want to monetize without having a studio behind you. But what if you are a filmmaker who regularly publishes great shorter stories? How can you make viewers pay more frequently for your hard work? Vimeo has something for you. They have just announced a subscription model for everyone. It is netflix for vimeo artists. Read more about it at Vimeo’s Blog. They will keep 10% you get 90!

Would be great to see more quality content with fair pricing on this platform, so that people can make a living while following their passion and sharing great stories and visuals with the world.

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