Pharrell is happy – 24 hours

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Pharrell Williams is one of the most stylish and coolest celebrities on the web. Coming up with creative projects from all disciplines from music – where his career began – to fashion, design, photography and so much more. To get to know how he lives read Tod Selby’s post who visited him in Miami back in 2010 at his home.

Pharrell published his latest work a 24 hours music video about happiness. Perfect. A simple happy mainstream track with dancing everyday people. Just watch it – skip a part – enjoy the next … and just feel good. You can browse the video at

I like his style and the fact, that you cannot reduce him to one creative discipline. Sometimes he is avant-garde, in other projects it is more commercial, but never the less it is good fun to experience his work and it is always inspiring. On his current project he currently stands in for diversity. Stop thinking in stereotypes, be proud to be different and express it.

If you want to know more about him and his work. Read his blog – oh no, he doesnt have one, but he published a book ‘Places And Spaces I’ve Been‘ which reads like a blog. 🙂



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