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Perfect winter surfing experience? Think again – North of the Sun

I cannot surf. I have never tried. But I love watching surf movies and the feeling of freedom they express. I am still waiting for The Goodwin Project to hit cinemas or the web – but nothing has been communicated yet.

During winter time everyone who is into surfing travels around the world to follow summer and the best waves. So what might be the best spot to build up your tent and wait for the perfect wave? Hawaii? Australia? Indonesia? – Think again! It’s Norway.

‘North of the Sun’ is the story from and with Inge Wegge (25) and Jørn Ranum (22) obviously from Norway. They decided to spent a whole Norwegian winter in ‘their’ bay (Kvalvika) north of the arctic circle. Building their home from wood, plastic and other flotsam they could find. It is not the usual summer surf video beauty, but it is a beautiful film they made. It is not just about surfing. It is also about caring for our planet as they collect more than three tons of garbage just at Kvalvika bay. When you are watching the movie, it might take some time – and you ask yourself: ‘Why would anyone do that?’. But as you spent some virtual time with the two characters you feel the spirit and the freedom these they have. Exactly what makes surfing so imposing.

You can watch ‘North of the Sun’ on vimeo on demand. It is really worth the money and is offered in multiple languages. It won the ‘Grand Prize’ & ‘People’s Joice’ at the 2013 Banff Mountain Film Competition. So even some experts liked it. 🙂 By the way: You will find all the other winners there and might want to create your “outdoor films to watch’ list. I did.

Any behind the scenes info? How do I get there?

I tried to find out, how they shot it. But there was not much info about it online. Here are the basic facts. It would be exciting to understand how such productions work. Where do you get your batteries from? Where do you store your footage? How often did they hike back to their car to change gear? How do they shoot scenes where both are on camera? I know it is not magic. 🙂 GEO.de shared an interview (German only) where Inge & Jørn give some insights.

During the movie you can see, that some of the arial shots where done by a paraglider, which where shot by Inge himself. Additionally I assume some massive GoPro and DSLR action going on. 🙂 At least you can see some Canon lenses standing around in one shot inside their little ‘cottage’. They also told GEO that friends and Inge’s brother visited and helped filming once in a while. So now we know who shot them …

If you wanna get to this beautiful but cold surf spot yourself, you will find more info at 68north.com.

Let’s shoot an outdoor adventure

Outdoor film productions look amazing – I guess wanna be part of one, one day. It doesn’t have to be during Norwegian winter and not for nine months … but it seems to be an incredible experience. Any ideas?

If you have any outdoor/ surf films to watch, please comment here on the blog. Thanks

Kvalvika Beach -Screenshot ‘North of the Sun’
Two surfers during northern lights – Screenshot ‘North of the Sun’
Screenshot 'North of the Sun'
Screenshot ‘North of the Sun’
Their ‘cottage’ for nine months – Screenshot ‘North of the Sun’

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