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My next adventure: #switchtoEQ

The future of the automobile is going to be electric and so will be mine.

I have had the privilege to build up blogger relations for Mercedes-Benz and all other Daimler passenger car brands since summer 2011. During that time I met amazing people and had fantastic experiences – as my Instagram account might tell you 😎. I learned a lot from Toby who kicked off this new way of PR and had trust in myself and my digital expertise. While instagramers and youtubers were on the rise my job grew into Influencer Relations & Social Media PR making it even more challenging, complex and exciting. As you might have seen #ilovemyjob and the people I work with. But after 66 months it is also time to move on.

The next big trend for Daimler and the whole industry will be connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles. This creates a whole new world of opportunities and brings up a lot of open questions and challenges. We have launched a new product brand exactly for this new generation of vehicles. We call it ,EQ’ and starting January 1st, 2017 I am going to be its PR spokesperson.

I will neither leave Daimler nor Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars but will focus 100 percent on EQ! So I will still be able to work with all the great people while exploring something new. I am very happy and grateful for this opportunity.

Future, here we come!

More about Mercedes-Benz EQ on

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  1. Heike sagt:

    Wolfi, Mensch!!! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser extrem spannenden Aufgabe!!! Vielen Dank für all die Zeit und Arbeit, die du in all unsere Projekte gesteckt hast und damit so viele Geschichten möglich gemacht hast!
    Liebe Gruesse

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