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My Instagram & real world experiences during #MBPolarSun

We are traveling for one week from Kitzbuehel all the way to Helsinki. I am on a ferry with all of our eleven Mercedes-Benz GLE vehicles and the #MBPolarSun crew. We expect new people to arrive in Helsinki and others to leave due to personal obligations. The group will continue tomorrow. By now, there are over 500 pictures on Instagram with beautiful places, cars and people tagged with our hashtag. But today two incredible positive things happened.

We stayed one night in Riga, which is a beautiful city, where I need to come back soon. In the morning one of our photographers got a call from Mercedes-Benz employees of the local dealership, who wanted to meet us to check out the new GLE Coupé. They told us that they had seen his pictures and were following him and our official @mercedesbenz account on Instagram. So I called them back and they met with some of the group just before we started our trip to Tallinn. 

Strangers, that have the passion about cars or Mercedes-Benz, were brought together by some tiny pictures on our smartphones. I love that.

Meet team #1. Almost made it to #Vilnius. #mbPolarSun #GLE #roadtrip #ilovemyjob

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

After a – let’s say ‚mediocre‘ – journey to the ferry terminal in Tallinn, I had the first time to get out of the car and take a picture, which I shared on all my social media accounts. Not impressive: cars just parked in ferry.

On the ferry now. From #Tallinn to #Helsinki with #mbPolarSun and the #GLE and #Coupe #mbcar

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

While I am sitting here thinking about a next blog posts, a total stranger comments on Instagram: ‚We’re on the same ferry and saw your cars <3’. How cool is that?

We’re about to enter Helsinki harbor, so I need to jump into the car. Keep following us. Thanks


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