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How digital rocks automotive premieres: From stories to next level event communication

If you are a car guy, you know it’s this time of the year again. Frankfurt’s international motor show (IAA) is getting ready to host hundreds of thousands of visitors and showcase the latest and hottest vehicles for car aficionados from all around the world. You see it on Instagram, Twitter and every car magazine and website.

It will be great to walk into Frankfurt’s “Festhalle” entering the giant Mercedes-Benz booth and see the stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet or AMG’s Project One Hypercar. Fascinating automotive art and high class engineering in a brand temple you can’t imagine, when sitting at home on your sofa. It is this unique physical experience that you only get at the show.

Premieres have become digital, autoshows not.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

Premieres have become digital. Mercedes-Benz is launching images and videos of their highlights on social media all over the place. Boosting our own reach on Facebook and Instagram to share the excitement of the new products with fans and followers.

People know what to expect from the brand and what vehicles will be on display already weeks and days before the actual show. Is there still a reason why you should travel there? My favorite storytelling format is currently Instagram Story. It is great to follow along and my social media colleagues do an amazing job there. See below examples from our launch at Pebble Beach this August (📷 by Stephen Reuss for Mercedes-Benz).

Digital staging is key.

Things have evolved to a new level. Twelve years ago I started my first internship with Mercedes-Benz’ digital communication team with the launch of the new S-Class (W210) web special. The facts in short – some of you may remember that: Macromedia Flash technology, with an 56k, ISDN and DSL chooser, pre-loader and interactive audio tour. The latest sh*t. 😜

Two years later we did the very first video live stream of the Mercedes-Benz press conference from IAA 2007 with  That same platform hosted two years later the first ever Mercedes-Benz live talk and the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. Users were able to ask their questions directly through the website. Something we do today about a hundred times a year with Facebook live broadcasts from auto shows, premieres and special events like Mille Miglia or Formula One. Btw: I hope you saw my Facebook live presentation back in May 2017 with the Concept EQ in Berlin.

2017 we will bring this experience to a new level

While everybody is focusing on the consumer, our press department took the digital experience on a new level by targeting journalists, bloggers and other influencers. The idea: enabeling this important and credible group of people to create their stories easier, get the images they need faster by making their workflow leaner. We call it “Mercedes me media” and its available at Check out Bettina Fetzer’s introduction video to get an overview why and how we create this digital experience.

Why do I write about this?

Most of you who read this far know me, my passion and my professional background. I have done digital marketing, social media pr and influencer relations for over a decade and launched great digital projects from Social Publish, to Formula One Live Data, to the above mentioned highlights and more.

I was working on a Social Publish 2.0 concept and realized quickly, that an updated aggregator and research tool would not be enough when the main communication trends were “live” and “video”. Social Publish was also not very user centric, it did focus on blogger’s workflow though. But not enough in my opinion. “Mercedes me media” only comes to life at this year’s IAA, because someone beliefed in this idea and the necessity to do it now. Toby Müller took this initial concept and made it a reality together with bosses who understand what digital change means, with a small but special team that was extra dedicated to go that extra mile and an agency who was willing to explore new terrain. 👏🏻

So please, register, log in, fidle around and try our multiangle live stream during the different sessions on September 11, 12 and 13 live from Frankfurt. I have moved on to EQ, but am super proud what has been accomplished with this new tool. Congrats guys! Feedback is welcome.


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