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Guess who’s back? Chase Jarvis “RAW” – now on YouTube

Chase Jarvis is a well known photographer with great work, which you can check out on his portfolio site. He has over 100.000 followers on Youtube and used to host different video series. One of them is Chase Jarvis live. Check it out here and it will come back with new episodes. But for now he is back with a new format called “RAW”. It is supposed to be be a regular (weekly) format.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll certainly be familiar with a series by the same damn name I started doing way back in 2007 which was a behind the scenes look at commercial photography.

He is copying some features like social media Q&A which Casey does in his vlogs as well and connects to powerful other youtubers like Kai from DigitalRev. So if you want to get some advice how to become successful, watch Episode 02. But be prepared … he is talking a lot. 🙂

More updates on his blog.

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