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Go vertical or stay home

Instagram launched IGTV. It’s their own video only app that leverages all the assets, accounts and reach of the existing instagram platform and community. And it is all vertical.

Made for creators – challenging YouTube.

Marques Brownlee is giving you a nice overview about IGTV and what it is aiming for. He is also asking the right question: As it focuses on creators, will it pay for quality content, so creators can make a living from it.

I became a big fan of vertical stories, because the user experience on my phone is so much nicer. I love that I can speed up my media consumption by simple swipes. At the same time it is sad, that so creative and great stories on Snapchat or IG story disappear forever after 24 hours.

When Instagram introduced “highlights” where you can add favorite stories to your profile it was a first step. Lifestyle publishing brand “HIGHSNOBIETY” took this experience to their website with “taps”. They created the same “story” user experience on their responsive site, so you can access great snackable news and background stories on all devices. Check out their info-stories “Behing the logo”.

So this leads to the question: Shouldn’t everyone that creates great valuable content and loves to tell longer lasting stories, make sure to go vertical and find a place where these stories can live?

How should influencers, brands and media outlets use IGTV? Will this be on the go, behind the scenes, rough content? Or is it a place for great stories, new protagonists for a global audience?

Very excited where this is going. Maybe I should think about making my TV adjustable so I can turn it 90 degrees to watch IGTV at night … in the future.

Let me know your thoughts and recommendation who to follow.

My suggestions: @mkbhd, @garethpon, @highsnobiety – Now it’s your turn.


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