Being on the road home

Frankfurt here we come to see the new Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA

I am on my way to Frankfurt to get ready for the bi-anual International Auto Show (IAA). A super highlight for everyone in the industry. Mercedes-Benz is going to host a media night in the “Festhalle” in Frankfurt with a spectacular concept car called “Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA”. IAA stands for “Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile”. You can follow the world premiere live on September 14th starting at 7:30 pm CET.

What can I expect? Interesting people & amazing cars

What will I do during the next days? I will support interviews, shooting opportunities for different media outlets with our product highlights and experts. As well as launching a new IAA Media Special with all press releases, pictures and videos which will go online this afternoon at

If you wanna meet up, feel free to contact me on twitter @wwuerth.

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