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“Endless Summer family version” – The Goodwin Project

A trip 18 months around the globe with your young family and best friends. Living at the best surf spots of the world. Producing your own movie. Sounds like a dream.

Even if you are not into the big wave sport of surfing you will know that Hawaii is one of the #1 surfer’s paradise on earth. This is where the Goodwin family lives and surfs. Mummy and Daddy Goodwin are both professional surfers making their living from riding long and short boards on incredible waves. As they used to travel the world following the big waves around the globe. However life has changed with their first kid.

Just before Kid #2 arrived, they decided to go on their own trip across the globe. Seeing the most amazing places, again and discover new ones. They took their time, stayed longer in each area of the world and only went to countries with certain health care standards. On thegoodwinproject.com they blogged about this amazing trip and their rich experience. Check out the trailer below and see amazing pics on their website.

The Goodwin Project from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

# An explorer in everyone of us

It is funny to see, that even if you live in a surfer’s paradise at one of the most amazing spots of the world, like the Goodwins, there is always something else to explore. Things can seem to be perfect, but there is a curiosity deep down in (almost) everyone of us to do something different, to see something new.

If you have small kids one usually you think twice when it comes to traveling. You want to show them the world, but at the same time you ask yourself: Where can I go? Where is it save? How long is the flight? Can I even fly? Or not? Does a kid need to see these places already? … In Germany they established the opportunity of two months paid paternity leave for dads during the first 14 months of the new born’s life. This is a perfect chance for young families to spent some time traveling. But would you spent 18 months on a world trip?

# Endless summer – I’m in!

The Goodwins did and even took a film production team with them. How much would I love to the same! I’m just no good at surfing nor filming. So this is to all my friends around the world: If you ever want to go on such a trip … let me know. 🙂

I am excited about the final product and hope the movie will make it to the cinemas in Europe or an online video service. This is like the young family version of the famous surf flick “Endless Summer”.

The trailer’s music by the way is perfect for every personal slide show or your own short movie. It is called “Welcome Home” from Radical Face and also part of Nikon’s current advertising campaign.

Love it.

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