“Connecting” – a “documentary”

This all started with a posted video on @roitsch‘s tumblr. “A short film that explores trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design”. Which is an 18 minutes video with interesting people talking about design.

At the beginning I thought “This is something like ‘objectified'” – the documentary about product design with Jonathan Ive from Apple and Dieter Rams from Braun (see youtube trailer below). And: “I wanna do a documentary!”

But it turned out to be different. There were smart people in this short film with interesting points about experience design in regards to touch devices and “the internet of things”. Especially if it comes to the future one guy mentioned, that this whole new touch-cloud-intelligent-data-experience we are having now, will affect “more ‘mondain’ meaning full parts of our lives” like energy and medical business. Which is something I am excited about, if old-school things get the spirit of the next generation.

While watching the first minutes all the experts had a great point: “Analog can be wonderful. What is not wonderful: is fake analog.” and “It is tragic how everybody translates print onto digital formats.”. If you are using a Mac or any iOS device you suddenly know what they are talking about. Fake leather address book or calendar; Book shelfs where you would love to have a modern design. Andrei Herasimchuk, (former) Director of Design at Twitter said: “I find it a little ironic, that we want to make digital things a little to real. We’ll see how long that lasts.” They are all emphasizing one thing without saying it: It’s called skeumorphism. And they are right. I found an article about this theory and Apple on forbes.com. Check it out.

So what’s my problem? This video was produced by Windows Phone Design Studio. And you feel it while watching. It is not a documentary, it is a piece of marketing. I am not saying they are wrong. Apple has to change something to stay an iconic design company and Microsoft has created something really new with their new operating systems. Now they see a chance to attack! I would have liked a more transparent and in depth film about this issue.

I hope competition helps and it will be like one expert said: “What we’ll see at some point is someone take the medium and create something appropriate, magical and enhances the experience.”

But watch it yourself. Either here or at http://connectingthefilm.com. Meanwhile I think about a proper documentary film project. 🙂


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