Being on the road home

CES 2016 – Missing Las Vegas

I am very privileged to travel to great shows and amazing locations around the globe due to my role at Mercedes-Benz. The best part is to meet amazing people and work with fantastic colleagues. My first trip in 2016 was meant to take me to Las Vegas’ CES.

I have been there in 2012, 2013 (during #mbrt13) and 2015 (when we revealed the #F015). I did not make it in 2014 and I will miss it this year.

Why am I staying at home? Personal reasons. Need to stay with the family. But I like to take the time to look back at 2015. It was an impressive moment to see the F 015 vehicle on the strip, driving at night.

Seeing it live in Las Vegas on the strip – coolest moment in 2015 so far #f015 @mercedesbenz #mbcar #CES2015

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

This was the beginning of a tour around the globe. Here are three videos about this extraordinary research vehicle.

Cool Hunting in San Francisco

Sarah Illenberger for Mercedes-Benz (German)

“The future of self driving cars” by Mercedes-Benz

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