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Behind the Scenes of #MBPolarSun

There is this natural desire for exploring. Traveling to foreign places, meet new people and enjoy freedom. I love this spirit and I am about to leave for another great Mercedes-Benz road trip with amazing social media influencers within the next few days. I will share some personal behind the scenes moments on my private blog. So come along and follow us from the Alpes to the North Cape. #MBPolarSun

Some people are driven by this passion to explore the world. They where doing this all their life, like Mike Horn who is constantly pushing his personal limits. He is currently on his way to the top of K2. Read his story here and check out the gorgeous imagery on his facebook page.

When I see this I instantly start looking online for an old 1982 G-Class which I would love to restore and use as my personal adventure car. I was not lucky enough to find the right vehicle yet. Why ’82? How cool would a car be, that is the same age as yourself? Not any car, but an icon like the G-Class.

Traveling to the North Cape 

We won’t be able to travel as extrem as Mike does. We will use the GLE and GLE Coupé to bring us from Kitzbühel in Austria to the North Cape in Norway.

Impressions from #mbrt15 from Teymur Madjderey
Impressions from #mbrt15 by Mr. Madjderey (@teymur)

These are the same vehicles we were “guarding” to the premiere in NYC during #mbrt15, but this time we will drive them ourselves. We will be on the road for ten days. On our way: upcoming new cities like Warsaw, Riga, and Tallinn.

This trip is less for hardcore car guys, it is meant for people who love to tell great stories, who are looking for this once in a lifetime experience and will be able to share this with their peers.

Getting ready

I am heading to Kitzbühel tomorrow to check with the team that everything is ready. On Thursday the first participants arrive. Can’t  wait.

#arcticnorwayrt by Heike Kaufhold (@koelnformat)

To get an impression what we can expect in the most northern part of Norway I can recommend Heike’s story from her latest trip to Norway (in German only). You can also check Instagram for #arcticnorwayrt.

Have not packed my stuff yet. Can’t figure out which camera to take with me, as none of mine does timelapse shots. :-(. Maybe I do some Casey style vlogging from this trip. I am not sure yet.

Comments are more than welcome. Excited to fill this blog with a little more life than usual. 🙂

Edit: This is the route we are going to take for over 4.000 km:

It's time for #mbpolarsun. Friends on the road… please contact me! 🙂

Ein von Gianluca Pezzi (@gianluca) gepostetes Foto am

PS: So desperate to feel these days without night.

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  1. Wow, this sounds like an epic roadtrip indeed! I’ve just been on a road trip with Mercedes in Germany (our home base Ba-Wü ;-)), and I would’ve loved to just go on and on and on – until the end of the world, so to speak. Have an awesome trip – I’ll follow along!

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