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A coincidence – my iPod nano died, while watching Casey Neistat

It all starts with a basic demand: We need music while doing some work at my new house – which we are currently renovating. Loud music. The perfect classic hip hop soundtrack.

I grab our Bose Sounddock which does not come with the latest connector, so my iPhone 5 won’t fit. I can’t ruin the kids’  playlists on their device, so I dig in my lost and found box of electronic equipment: a discman, a mini disc player, a mini disc recorder, an iPod shuffle … and finally what I was looking for: my precious iPod nano product red (2nd generation – the best, clean and simple).

Turn it on – no. Battery is dead.

Connect it to iTunes – no. Paired to an older MacBook Pro.

Reset it – yes.

While resetting it – going to youtube to build up some story telling expertise. :-). Who is currently the best video story teller? Probably Casey Niestat. His videos are hilarious and told in an unconventional style. Love them. Being lucky enough to have met him at this year’s SxSW conference in Austin, I follow him for more than two years on youtube. So I a might be follower 236.914. And yes, he did some great work for the new Mercedes CLA.

He recently startet his second channel on youtube “Casey Niestat Classics”. Showing all his work from 2001 till 2010 prior to his appearance on Google’s video platform.

So I start watching some Niestat classics. My iPod nano has been reseted and I start copying classics from Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog onto it. I select Casey’s “iPod’s Dirty Secret – from 2003” (see below) to start with, which I do remember 100%. I have seen this video before, even before youtube was existing, I just did not know that it was him spraying all the iPod ads in NYC. Did I mention, that I met this guy. 🙂

While watching I start getting a bit worried about my iPod’s battery life. Once disconnected it turned out that the battery seems to be fine. But my display is just white. After some online research and resetting it, I give up. This iPod is lost. I will start raising Apple’s awareness.

I gonna cut a stencil, spray my personal graffiti on every Apple ad I can find and create a video. Maybe it is the beginning of something big.

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