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A beautiful video about Sir Stirling Moss and the Mille Miglia #unbeaten

Italy. 1955. A 25 year old British racer wins in 10 hours and 7 minutes the Mille Miglia. A record for all times. This was 60 years ago. Sir Stirling Moss is 85 now and will still be driving his Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR 722 during the next days. A beautifully told story of his victory has been published yesterday on YouTube. Check it out.

For all of you who are not into racing or motor sports: “The Mille Miglia” event is a 1000 miles race on public roads from Brescia in northern Italy to Rome and back. Back in the 1950’s this was “THE” race to drive. It was discontinued due to deadly accidents.

Enjoy the video. I love the usage of drones, sliders and the aesthetics in general. The story is told in such a beautiful way. Combining old footage, new details and beauty shots with a simple narrative. It is worth your time.

Sir Stirling Moss 2015
Sir Stirling Moss 2015

“Once the flag fell, I went flat out. Obviously, when I’d see a car I caught up with, I really felt great about it, but I had no idea of the enormity of what it meant to myself because it’s really—it’s quite the thing to have on your CV.”
by Sir Sterling Moss

Lovely details from the 300 SLR 722 - Screenshot Youtube
Lovely details from the 300 SLR 722 – Screenshot Youtube
300 SLR 722
300 SLR 722
UNBEATEN - Screenshot Youtube
UNBEATEN – Screenshot Youtube

Read more about the production at petrolicious.com

Mille Miglia 2015

A lot of my colleagues are currently on their way from Brescia to Rome. Today, Mille Miglia is a classic car ralley on exact the same route with the same cars as 60 years ago. It is still spectacular. I will have to see it in 2016.

Follow #MBmille to be a virtual part of this historic race: http://iconosquare.com/tag/mbmille#/grid

Heike Kaufhold just shared her 2014 impressions on her blog koeln-format.de – Unfortunately only in German.

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