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80k till XMAS – For all the wanna be runners

After six months of running, I would like to start a new challenge. I’ve shared my runs on several platforms with the hashtag #ww80k. Latest thing was my new tumblr called ww-running, so I don’t spam everyone on facebook with my new achievements, virtual trophies and quickest runs. I will continue with that, but it is also time for something new #80ktillxmas.

My goal was to run 80k each month to stay fit and to get Nike+’s gold trophy. This was a hustle at the beginning, but became kind of a routine already. I even managed to run 160.9k in November to get the 100 miles platinum trophy from Nike+. Yeah!

Finally got my platinum batch! #ww80k #doubletime #nikeplus #platinumtrophy

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

For November I ran 126k already.

Why did I run that much? First because I wanted to be fit again. Second to loose some weight, which I didn’t, but I lost some fat, which is good. But how do I motivate myself:

I track stuff, so I see the progress of my performance. E.g. I can run 10k much faster now.



I share my success on social media and get instand feedback especially on instagram

It is just amazing to get feedback instantly. A few likes and comments. Other runners comment on speed and distance. Nike+ is sometimes struggling with their app and website, but never the less to be able to share your route and pace with an actual picture of this run is great. Running at different places around the world is like collecting stamps in your passport.

ww80k on instagram

I have a whatsApp group with likeminded runners.

From DESIGNLOVR, fredericken, uberding and whudat, who share their success and progress as well. Unfortunately the motivation, time or physical ability of this whatsApp group just lost momentum. So we agreed on a new challenge for December:

We will all try to finish 80k in December till Christmas on December 24th. We will share our runs with the hashtag #80ktillxmas. Only runs that have been tracked by e.g. runtastic or Nike+ are valid.

If you read this and thought about starting running again … just do it. Join us and share your runs with our hashtag. It is easy its 3.3k everyday, which is a 6.6 run every second day or 13.2k every fourth day. Speed doesn’t matter at all. It is just about running on a regular basis, before the holiday season will

Start is December 1st!

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