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2016 – Not Made for Blogging

It is almost a tradition, that I look at this website at the beginning of each year and think about its potential. Why I should be writing more and put more energy into it. This year is different though. And I’ll tell you why:

Let’s be frankly honest

There are only very few people reading this blog – I appreciate, that you are one of them. Thanks. It takes some time and consistency to build and earn a valuable audience. I invested neither of it. But compared to other years 2015 was a really good blogging year (till November). It is still miles away from what I would love to create, but it was good.

What do I expect?

I am not looking for a website as a portfolio where you find perfect examples of my work, my role as a super dad or my award winning photography. I like the categories though, because they describe what I do and who I am. But what I really care about is the spirit, feedback and conversation on a blog. I like to discuss with friends, digital friends and total strangers. To share thoughts, to motivate each other and to get inspired. That’s it. Simple.

I do like beautiful postings with great imagery and unique videos with authentic storytelling. So the cleaner and yet more visual focused a blog or article is, the better.

Hello Instagram! 

You might have seen a bunch of running articles here and many more postings on my @wwuerth Instagram Channel. Why? Because I love sports, I like competition and I like the visual style of Nike+.wwruns on Instagram I’ve also created a tumblr to prevent from oversharing here and on Facebook. I though tumblr would be the perfect platform. People can re-share cool images, give feedback, comment, like, … But to be honest: tumblr is kind of dead. Almost nothing happened. Even hashtags failed to drive traffic. I thought Yahoo is pushing it #fail. Instead: the new kid in town is rocking it. Conversion and motivation on Instagram are amazing, so I started @wwruns. My own running Instagram account. Great and interested people are following me. They share the passion about sports and let me participate.

This is what I miss the most on this blog or maybe in general, if we are talking about blogging. Comments, discussions and feedback.

Hello YouTube!

I do love YouTube. Here is conversation happening. Great stories are told, funny nonsense is shared and amazing entertainment is available. Also the UX design got so much better. My channel does not have a lot of videos yet. This is something I definitely would like to change in 2016: Take more time to do video! But you can see on my channel page, what I watch and especially, what I like. Latest video by Casey:

Hello real life!

Never forget, that there are always great things going on in your real life. They are the most valuable things and experiences you are going to have. Don’t miss them!

That’s it for now. Comments are more than welcome in German and English. Have a great start! Happy New Year!

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  1. Schön geschrieben.
    Ich denke dein Ansatz mit mehr Videos produzieren ist der richtige. Immer weniger Leute lesen, immer mehr wollen sich über Youtube unterhalten lassen. Man muss nur Videos machen die unterhalten. Das wird der schwerste Part. Aber ich könnte mir gut vorstellen das deine ganzen Reisen, Events, Sport usw. super als Youtubevideos kommen würden.
    Dabei gleich mal danke für das Video von Casey, kannte den Typen nicht, aber das Video ist echt sehr unterhaltsam. Das Problem mit Videos ist natürlich der Aufwand. Da steckt man womöglich noch mehr Zeit rein als in Texte schreiben oder Bilder posten. Aber wenn du deinen Workflow gefunden hast dann könnte das klappen.

    Für deine Vlogs könnte ich mir echte solche Casey videos vorstellen, schnell geschnitten, auf dem punkt, nicht langweilig.
    Allerdings kommt es auch drauf an wie du vor der Kamera sprechen kannst/rüber kommst. Das macht meiner Meinung nach das meiste aus.
    Falls du hilfe bei der Technik brauchst, sag bescheid. Aber ich glaube da kennst du dich ja selbst gut aus.

    Btw, meine Freundin macht auch schon seit fast 3 Jahren Youtube.

    Ist auf jedenfall interessant durch sie in die Youtube Welt zu schnuppern und mitzubekommen was alles möglich ist.

    Also dann, auf ein erfolgreiches 2016.
    bis demnächst, ich denke man wird sich sicher dieses Jahr über den Weg laufen.


  2. Seb sagt:

    Happy new year, Wolfie.
    Well written. Great post. I also share your concerns. I find myself in it.
    I’m sure that making videos its exciting. Even if you publish your video at the end of the day it will be as if you shared a moment or a feeling at a specific moment of time. It’ll more concret than a post on a blog.
    I love Casey videos. And i think like many YouTubers said about him he’s one who works the most.

    I’m sure with your professional and personal life, you’ll have dozen of good contents. But be careful to not do too much too pro. I think this would be too time-consuming and you do not wish to lose your way and miss the essential.
    Finally, this is what I tell myself when I think about making videos. Also, the fact that people in France are not used to see a guy walking around with a camera all day long. 🙂
    Regards, Seb

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