2013 – a good year to blog?

Is 2013 finally the perfect year for a personal blog? With just my thoughts on digital, photography, media and some random craziness*? I think so.

My last attempt – back in September 12 – was … not a good one. I wanted to experience what a blogger’s life could be like in 30 days. But I failed posting regularly during this time and priorities were shifted very quickly.

# Because there are too many things in my head

But I realize there is so much to write about, these little thoughts and personal opinions on products, publications and digital creatives. If it is not written in this blog it will be stuck in my head. So I’ll start posting it here.

While I was creating new digital concepts and publishing strategies as a professional in the past, I could never focus on any personal publication and concept – not even a simple blog. Since I have met so many digital authors, bloggers and digital publicists in the last 18 months I had to get started.

# This is a growing concept

A blog is never finished or perfect it is always growing and developing. wwuerth.com** will be exactly this as the concept is not finished yet. I will start writing

  • to get used to it,
  • to get feedback from friends and readers and
  • to find the perfect niche of interesting content.

# I believe in content and creative concepts

Superb user experience with a sleek design plus interesting and relevant content is something I admire. I am tired of facebook’s content, its irrelevant posts and advertising. This is why I trust sources that have proven their ability to deliver state of the art experiences and a high content quality. Nothing less will be my ambition for this little website.

That’s it for today.

* I stole this from Jean notcot.org
** wwuerth.tumblr.com will move to wwuerth.com in the future

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  1. Straussi sagt:

    Hey, dito, bei mir waren es seit Sommer 2012 bis Sommer 2014 sogar +12 kg! Aber hey, so what: ab Februar sitz ich Dir sozusagen aufm Kopf, das vereinfacht den gemeinsamen Start erheblich. 1 x die Woche 7 km gemeinsam ist dann Pflicht…!

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