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This is where I wanna work

Lucky enough I was able to travel to Sunnyvale, California mid November 2013 as Mercedes-Benz was opening a new Research and Development Center (MBRDNA) in Silicon Valley. Previously they have been in Palo Alto just next door. As I am quite interested in good design and especially a seamless user experience, I was thrilled to […]

„Connecting“ – a „documentary“

This all started with a posted video on @roitsch’s tumblr. „A short film that explores trends in UI, Interaction, & Experience Design“. Which is an 18 minutes video with interesting people talking about design. At the beginning I thought „This is something like ‚objectified’“ – the documentary about product design with Jonathan Ive from Apple […]

2013 – a good year to blog?

Is 2013 finally the perfect year for a personal blog? With just my thoughts on digital, photography, media and some random craziness*? I think so. My last attempt – back in September 12 – was … not a good one. I wanted to experience what a blogger’s life could be like in 30 days. But […]