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Leaving Tokyo during a typhoon

It has been raining all week, but tonight it’s different: it’s pouring. My feet are completely wet and I am sitting in a white Mercedes limousine at night. Being driven through the city of Tokyo. I am heading to the Haneda airport. Strong winds are coming up and the drum sound of the rain drops […]

Behind the Scenes of #MBPolarSun

There is this natural desire for exploring. Traveling to foreign places, meet new people and enjoy freedom. I love this spirit and I am about to leave for another great Mercedes-Benz road trip with amazing social media influencers within the next few days. I will share some personal behind the scenes moments on my private blog. […]

SXSW 2015 – Impressionen aus Austin

Die „South by South West“ (kurz SXSW) ist ein wirres Event, was kaum in eine Kategorie zu zwängen ist. Hier passiert alles. Offiziell in den drei Feldern „Interactive“, „Musik“ und „Film“. Es gibt hier tausende Vorträge, Diskussionen, Panels, Book-Signings, Filmpremieren, Konzerte und mehr. Hinzu kommen große und kleine Marken und Unternehmen, die sich, in besonders nahbaren […]

Ready for Shanghai

Instead of writing this post I should have started packing my suitcase for my trip to Shanghai which will start tomorrow morning. I am quite excited about this short trip to China. Last time I visited Shanghai was in January 06, which is already six years ago. Since then so much has changed in my […]

winter vs. spring – what’s next.

What a great feeling is it to recognize that days are getting longer, that the sun is getting warmer and that spring will eventually arrive. But, we are not there yet! As I am currently on a short skiing trip I cannot complain about the winter. We have plenty of snow, it is cold enough […]