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Empower your kid to dream and not just be „alike“

„Being a Dad“ is one of the most important parts of my life. Therefore I wanted this to be reflected here in the blog, but couldn’t make up my mind how personal I should get. This is why the category is almost empty. Today is a turning point. At least it is a first step.

I was browsing Vimeo and stumbled upon an animation short from Daniel Martinez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez. It is called „Alike“ and it’s a beautiful piece about life and education.

The plot: A dad and his son share the same routine. They pack up there stuff in the morning, go to work or school, do what they are told to and return home. Tasks get heavier, creativity and joy are reduced to a minimum. You can really see how all of this fades away. In the end dad and son start losing their individuality and become like everyone else. Although the kid had a dream – to become a violinist –  and was creative in the first place, it was just told to become „alike“ everyone else. The beautifully animated 3D characters by Barcelona based „Pepe School Land“ will realize in the end what they almost lost.

„You often wonder what is the best thing for your children. This short movie intends to be a reflection in that sense“Daniel Martinez Lara

Our generation should do better and get this straight away. Life is not about fulfilling a duty. It is about giving our kids strong roots, so they can grow and develop their individuality. It is not important to bring these small plants to blossom as fast as possible. What counts is to enable them – even if it is slow and steady – to become an individual, be creative and do something they love, so their blossom lasts a whole lifetime. Pursue your dreams!

Enjoy „Alike“:

If you want to know more about the production and animation process you should check out the making of below or surf to It took over four years to create this story. The soundtrack is just beautiful. A well deserved „Vimeo Staff Pick“.

My next adventure: #switchtoEQ

The future of the automobile is going to be electric and so will be mine.

I have had the privilege to build up blogger relations for Mercedes-Benz and all other Daimler passenger car brands since summer 2011. During that time I met amazing people and had fantastic experiences – as my Instagram account might tell you 😎. I learned a lot from Toby who kicked off this new way of PR and had trust in myself and my digital expertise. While instagramers and youtubers were on the rise my job grew into Influencer Relations & Social Media PR making it even more challenging, complex and exciting. As you might have seen #ilovemyjob and the people I work with. But after 66 months it is also time to move on.

The next big trend for Daimler and the whole industry will be connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles. This creates a whole new world of opportunities and brings up a lot of open questions and challenges. We have launched a new product brand exactly for this new generation of vehicles. We call it ,EQ’ and starting January 1st, 2017 I am going to be its PR spokesperson.

I will neither leave Daimler nor Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars but will focus 100 percent on EQ! So I will still be able to work with all the great people while exploring something new. I am very happy and grateful for this opportunity.

Future, here we come!

More about Mercedes-Benz EQ on

CES 2016 – Missing Las Vegas

I am very privileged to travel to great shows and amazing locations around the globe due to my role at Mercedes-Benz. The best part is to meet amazing people and work with fantastic colleagues. My first trip in 2016 was meant to take me to Las Vegas‘ CES.

I have been there in 2012, 2013 (during #mbrt13) and 2015 (when we revealed the #F015). I did not make it in 2014 and I will miss it this year.


Challenge completed

Very proud to finish 80k till XMAS in time. It was good fun and it seems like I could motivate a bunch of friends to go out there and run. Next is a 1,000 km in 2016 and some smaller challenges in between.

Follow #ww80k for my runs and #wr80km (we run 80 km a month) to follow others. Happy XMAS!

80k till XMAS – For all the wanna be runners

After six months of running, I would like to start a new challenge. I’ve shared my runs on several platforms with the hashtag #ww80k. Latest thing was my new tumblr called ww-running, so I don’t spam everyone on facebook with my new achievements, virtual trophies and quickest runs. I will continue with that, but it is also time for something new #80ktillxmas.

My goal was to run 80k each month to stay fit and to get Nike+’s gold trophy. This was a hustle at the beginning, but became kind of a routine already. I even managed to run 160.9k in November to get the 100 miles platinum trophy from Nike+. Yeah!

Finally got my platinum batch! #ww80k #doubletime #nikeplus #platinumtrophy

Ein von Wolfgang Würth (@wwuerth) gepostetes Foto am

For November I ran 126k already.

Why did I run that much? First because I wanted to be fit again. Second to loose some weight, which I didn’t, but I lost some fat, which is good. But how do I motivate myself:

I track stuff, so I see the progress of my performance. E.g. I can run 10k much faster now.

I share my success on social media and get instand feedback especially on instagram

It is just amazing to get feedback instantly. A few likes and comments. Other runners comment on speed and distance. Nike+ is sometimes struggling with their app and website, but never the less to be able to share your route and pace with an actual picture of this run is great. Running at different places around the world is like collecting stamps in your passport.

ww80k on instagram

I have a whatsApp group with likeminded runners.

From DESIGNLOVR, fredericken, uberding and whudat, who share their success and progress as well. Unfortunately the motivation, time or physical ability of this whatsApp group just lost momentum. So we agreed on a new challenge for December:

We will all try to finish 80k in December till Christmas on December 24th. We will share our runs with the hashtag #80ktillxmas. Only runs that have been tracked by e.g. runtastic or Nike+ are valid.

If you read this and thought about starting running again … just do it. Join us and share your runs with our hashtag. It is easy its 3.3k everyday, which is a 6.6 run every second day or 13.2k every fourth day. Speed doesn’t matter at all. It is just about running on a regular basis, before the holiday season will

Start is December 1st!

Running in October is great. I ran 75k already.

I thought I would struggle to go running as soon as the weather would start getting nasty and mornings would be dark. Now both happened and I am still running on a regular bases. October is great 75k so far in just 15 days with an average speed of 5:09. So follow my running on instagram #ww80k. Thanks for giving me the right motivation – every heart or like pushes me.

I just wish Nike would update their Nike+ app with a better image resolution. Pictures look great, before I load them into the app, to add the Nike+ layer with the outline of my run and the actual distance. As soon as it is saved and published to Instagram resolution is poor. @NIKE: Fix it! Thanks.

Good morning October! #ww80k #run #running #nikeplus #morning #sunrise #forest

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No sun on Sunday. Quick 6k downhill run. #running #ww80k #run #sunday #nikeplus #downhill

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A 14k Sunday morning run w Daniel. Good finish for a great week. #ww80k #running #morning #run #nikeplus #keepgoing

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Running w David V. instead of lunch. #ww80k #running #office #run #nikeplus

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Guess who’s back? Chase Jarvis „RAW“ – now on YouTube

Chase Jarvis is a well known photographer with great work, which you can check out on his portfolio site. He has over 100.000 followers on Youtube and used to host different video series. One of them is Chase Jarvis live. Check it out here and it will come back with new episodes. But for now he is back with a new format called „RAW“. It is supposed to be be a regular (weekly) format.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll certainly be familiar with a series by the same damn name I started doing way back in 2007 which was a behind the scenes look at commercial photography.

He is copying some features like social media Q&A which Casey does in his vlogs as well and connects to powerful other youtubers like Kai from DigitalRev. So if you want to get some advice how to become successful, watch Episode 02. But be prepared … he is talking a lot. 🙂

More updates on his blog.