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How digital rocks automotive premieres: From stories to next level event communication

If you are a car guy, you know it’s this time of the year again. Frankfurt’s international motor show (IAA) is getting ready to host hundreds of thousands of visitors and showcase the latest and hottest vehicles for car aficionados from all around the world. You see it on Instagram, Twitter and every car magazine and website.

It will be great to walk into Frankfurt’s „Festhalle“ entering the giant Mercedes-Benz booth and see the stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet or AMG’s Project One Hypercar. Fascinating automotive art and high class engineering in a brand temple you can’t imagine, when sitting at home on your sofa. It is this unique physical experience that you only get at the show.

Premieres have become digital, autoshows not.


While waiting for the right camera …

There are great things happening in the camera world. Most people are excited to test the new Nikon 850D, others have the money to buy the Sony A9. I am still waiting for a A7III as I am desperately looking for a full frame camera, that is a bit faster than the current A7II and has more of the features of the great APS-C sized alpha 6500.

So no new camera for me yet, but I love what peak design did. Check it out.


#RunThatJune – Let’s start a proper social media fitness challenge

New month, new challenge. After a great challenge in May we team up to make June an even sportier month. I personally reached my running goals (141/120) as well as cycling (89/80) and swimming (2.4/2). There is room for improvement re push-ups & pull-ups though. So let’s improve that in June. See our goals below and follow us at #RunThatJune


#MayWeRun – Participants

May 1st was a disgusting, rainy and cold day. Not the best start for this months challenge. This fact makes me even prouder, as so many of you committed themselves to some serious goals. Find the full list of participants below. They will appreciate your comment or like.

My personal highlights:

  • Martin aiming for 30 chocolate bars (thats one a day)
  • Nina with 500 kilometers
  • Seb with 750 burpees
  • David with 10 pull-ups
  • and everyone else who is willing to do this in public

So may we run together?


The guy who made me add push-ups to my monthly goals – #MayWeRun

If you are not into fitness apps you might need to google Florian Gschwandtner. He is one of the founders and CEO of runtastic, the running app company, that got aquierred by adidas in summer of 2015 for rumoured 220 Mio Euro. He is not yet part of the #MayWeRun challenge, but his performence lead to broadening my view from just running to push-ups, pull-ups and more.


#MayWeRun – Let’s get started

This is a casual social media fitness competition: Set your personal goals for May 2017 and share them as a comment underneath this article. It can be running, pull ups, cycling, any sport … as long as you can track it and are willing to push yourself. Share your success as well as struggles with the Hashtag #MayWeRun.

I had a pretty good running month in April and would like to keep the momentum. Who else needs a bit of extra motivation?

My personal goals for May:

  • 120k running
  • 80k cycling
  • 1000 push-ups
  • 100 pull-ups
  • 2k swimming

I  will be using #MayWeRun as a question and a statement at the same time. Please join me. Set your own goals.

Update 01.05.:
Participants & social media postings are displayed on a seperate site.


A Dad and his boy – surfing around the world

Five years ago a Hawaiin family traveld the world for 18 months with their young kids. Joined by a film crew to live in 15 countries and surf the best spots on this planet. They have shared their experience on a blog during the trip and published a heart warming trailer on vimeo. But after that … pure silence.

But guess what!? In 2017 the movie „Given“ will be finally released online. Starting February 28th here. Yeah!

I am really curious what happend. I wrote a few emails and commented on social media, but no reaction. I really thought that „The Goodwin Project“ was canned and one would never see a full film, nor get any insights why it failed. Was it too complicated? Can you survive 18 months with a film crew, that were your friends at the start? Can you agree on a story and an angle to it in post production, if it’s the life of your son?

Given is a six year old boy who’s father takes him, his Mum and his new born sister on a journey around the globe. Showing them and us the curious and beautiful world we are living in. Sometimes I wish I could just do the same with my kids. Escape from everything and show them what freedom feels like and how colourful nature can be.

If you live in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or Vienna you will have a chance to see one of the very few screenings in Europe. Check out the dates online. I am very excited about the movie and its soundtrack, which was created at Geaorge Luca’s Skywalker Ranch.

Enjoy the latest trailer. I’ll keep you posted how I liked the full 74 minute version of the story.

Given is the simple yet powerfully contemplative story of a unique family legacy come full circle. Told through the visceral experience of a 6 yr. old, Given follows legendary surfers Aamion and Daize Goodwin from their island home of Kauai through 15 different countries in the quest for surf and to fulfill a calling handed down through generations.

Empower your kid to dream and not just be „alike“

„Being a Dad“ is one of the most important parts of my life. Therefore I wanted this to be reflected here in the blog, but couldn’t make up my mind how personal I should get. This is why the category is almost empty. Today is a turning point. At least it is a first step.

I was browsing Vimeo and stumbled upon an animation short from Daniel Martinez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez. It is called „Alike“ and it’s a beautiful piece about life and education.

The plot: A dad and his son share the same routine. They pack up there stuff in the morning, go to work or school, do what they are told to and return home. Tasks get heavier, creativity and joy are reduced to a minimum. You can really see how all of this fades away. In the end dad and son start losing their individuality and become like everyone else. Although the kid had a dream – to become a violinist –  and was creative in the first place, it was just told to become „alike“ everyone else. The beautifully animated 3D characters by Barcelona based „Pepe School Land“ will realize in the end what they almost lost.

„You often wonder what is the best thing for your children. This short movie intends to be a reflection in that sense“Daniel Martinez Lara

Our generation should do better and get this straight away. Life is not about fulfilling a duty. It is about giving our kids strong roots, so they can grow and develop their individuality. It is not important to bring these small plants to blossom as fast as possible. What counts is to enable them – even if it is slow and steady – to become an individual, be creative and do something they love, so their blossom lasts a whole lifetime. Pursue your dreams!

Enjoy „Alike“:

If you want to know more about the production and animation process you should check out the making of below or surf to It took over four years to create this story. The soundtrack is just beautiful. A well deserved „Vimeo Staff Pick“.